Memory tablet. JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH January. Jan. 26th, 1915 Kaiser visits the Salient. February. Feb. 5th, 1915 Fighting south-east of Ypres. 8th, 1916 Battle of Hooge begins. 13th, 1916 Mine buries 10th Lancers. Counter-attack by 7th Lincolns and 7th Borderers. 14th, 1915 82nd Brigade takes St. Eloi trenches. 14th, 1915 Action by K.R.R.C. near St. Eloi, 201. 14th, 1915 Action by Leinsters, St. Eloi, 202-204. 14th, 1915 Action by East Surreys near Spoilbank, 212. 15th, 1915 Raid near the Caterpillar by the London Regiment, 76. 20th, 1915 Mine exploded under 9th Lancers. General Gough, Chief of Staff of First Army, killed. 21st, 1915 1st Royal West Rents bombarded by minenwerfer. 2ist, 1915 Action by 16th Lancers, Sanctuary Wood, 209. 28th, 1915 Successful attack by Princess Pat's. March. Mar. 2nd, 1916 Counter-attack at Hooge. 2nd Suffolks carry the Bluff, 60. 8th, 1918 German attack at Polderhoek Chateau. Counter-attack by 10th K.R.R. and 13th Fusiliers. 15th, 1915 St. Eloi lost and re-taken, 204. 21st, 1918 Great German massed attack on the Somme front, 43. 27th, 1916 4th Royal Fusiliers and nth Northumberlands take the Mount. 30th, 1918 Appointment of General Foch to co-ordinate action of Allied Armies in France. Page numbers refer to accounts of representative action described in The Battle Book of Ypres.


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