156 THE YPRES TIMES number of friends will be admitted at a charge of 6d. each. Those wishing to attend should apply for tickets not later than January 3rd. This annual event is looked forward to with great expectation, and the Committee are much indebted to all kind friends who have come forward in the past to make this party such a success. Last year about 180 were present, and it is anticipated that a larger attendance will be witnessed on January jth. Perhaps, to some, this party will be the only one enjoyed during the festive season. Therefore we have a great opportunity to remember the descendants of those who gave their all and who we hope in future years will carry on the work of the I-eague. Letters have been received from many who have attended past reunions asking if they may come again. Their ambition can only be made possible through the kind help of members and friends of the League. For example Last year one of our members made a collection at the Christmas dinner table and forwarded a handsome donation which was very gratefully received towards the expenses of the children's party. The Committee trust that everybody will support this undertaking the object being to enlarge membership, and to create a greater interest in the Junior Division. A Christmas tree will be the chief feature of the programme, and the Committee appeals very earnestly fcr gifts of toys, and donations, which will be gratefully received, by the Hon. Secretary, London County Committee, Ypres League, 9, Baker Street, London, W.i. INFORMAL GATHERINGS. In reviewing the Informal Gatherings held during the past three months the London County Committee desire to express their sincere appreciation and thanks for all the welcome support which has been so generously given to these gatherings. This is a great encouragement to the Committee in its work. The recent meetings which had record attendances, have found many old and new friendships, and very pleasant evenings have been enjoyed. Should any member have a friend interested in the League who cared to attend these gatherings, the Committee would be pleased to send an invitation on receipt of the name and address. The programme of the October gathering was kindly supplied by Mrs. Heap, to whom we wish to convey our best thanks, and we are most grateful for her generous offer to undertake any work for the welfare of the League. We are greatly indebted to Mr. Hulbert for the excellent programme given at our November meeting. On this occasion we had with us Madam Gioconda Papacini, Mr. Richard Arthur and Mr. Charles Mann. These artists performed so admirably at our annual smoking concert, and naturally we had a full house to meet them. We are anxious to show our great appreciation for their kind services, and we look forward to seeing them again on some future occasion At our December reunion we had the privilege of being entertained by our Toe H friends who gave us a most enjoyable evening, and we should like to place on record our sincere thanks for their kind support. The Committee are glad to announce that the Informal Gatherings for the next three months will be held at the George Hotel, 213, Strand, W.C.i, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The programmes will be given as follows January 3rd, camp fire evening, arranged by Mrs. Heap February 14th, particulars to be notified later. On March 7th we have pleasure to state that Major Montague Jones (Chairman of the London County Committee), by special request, will give us another talk on Ypres. We trust that every individual effort will be made by all interested to advertise our informal gatherings, and so ensure their continued success. The London County Committee wish all their friends a very happy New Year and request them to make two resolutions for 1929. Firstly, to endeavour to secure at least one new member for the League and secondly, to invite a friend to the gatherings. We can then rely on the year to be one full of success both for the London County Committee and the League. KENYA. We publish a photograph of the League wreath placed at the flagstaff, Nairobi, on Armistice Day. An account will appear in our next issue.


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