The East Yorkshire Regiment. The Royal Tank Corps Association "THE COVENANTER" THE GUNNER" 15» THE YPRES TIMES Two important addresses for all old East Y orkshiremen The Editor, The Snapper," Erith, Buckhurst Road, Bexhill-on-Sea. The Regimental Journal, The Snapper," is published monthly, price 4d. post free. Sample copy free on request. The Secretary, The Old Comrades Association, Victoria Barracks, Beverley. The O.C.A. exists to help those who want help and to keep up old friendships by annual reunion dinners. Ex-members of THE CAMERONIANS (SCOTTISH RIFLES) will best keep in touch with their old Regiment by having the Regimental Magazine. Particulars of annual subscription can be had from the Editor, Capt. Eric M. H. Galbraith, M.A., 49, Craigmillar Road, Langside, Glasgow, S.2. Have You Served in the ROYAL REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY if so read and keep in touch with your old Regiment. News and photos monthly from all parts of the world. Official organ of the Royal Artillery Association. Annual subscription, 4s., post free, to all parts of the world, from Editorial Office, 20, Junction Road, Southsea. President Major-General Sir JOHN E. CAPPER, K.C.B., K.C.V.O. The Association is open to all members (past and present) of the Royal Tank Corps. The Head quarters are at Bovington Camp, Dorset, and all communications should be addressed to the Secretary at that address. GENERAL COMMITTEE. The affairs of the Association are supervised by a General Committee, which consists of the following The Colonel Commandant, Royal Tank Corps, The Inspector, Royal Tank Corps, The Brigadier, Royal Tank Corps Centre, Officers Commanding Home Units. Secretary Lieut.- Colonel R. D. Cheales, O.B.E. OBJECTS OF THE ASSOCIATION. The following are the objects of the Association 1. The temporary relief of members of the Association, of good character, who have proved themselves worthy and deserving during their service in the Corps or in civil life, who are in distress through sickness beyond their control and the temporary relief of dependants, widows, children and orphans of Royal Tank Corps men who have been members. 2. The obtaining of suitable employment for members after leaving the Royal Tank Corps by discharge or transfer to the Reserve, who, during their military service, show by good conduct, sobriety, energy, intelligence and thrift that they are likely to satisfy employers of labour, or to make their own way in civU life. 3. The granting of allowances or pecuniary help and, in exceptional cases, making of advances to members, their dependants and the widows or children of deceased members, with a view to tiding over temporary difficulties. 4. To provide burial grants in cases where the estate of old members is insufficient to admit of suitable funeral and burial arrangements. 5. To promote esprit de corpsand to obtain a good class of recruit by proving that the Royal Tank Corps is able to give its members a fair start in civil life, and is also able and ready to assist in all deserving cases of distress. MEMBERSHIP. 1. Membership is open to all officers and all ranks of the Royal Tank Corps, past and present. 2. The subscription for officers is 10/6 per annum, payable on January 1st. 3. Life membership by a member is obtained when his subscriptions have amounted to £4 4s. for Warrant Officers; £3 3s. for Sergeants £2 2S. for Other Ranks. 4. Any member not completing his Life Membership subscription before promotion will be required to pay an increment, to complete the Life Membership, appropriate to the rank to which he is promoted.


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