Use the Ypres League Travel Bnrean for Ypres and theSomme FOR THE FOLLOWING PUBLICATIONS, Etc.. apply: Secretary, YPRES LEAGUE, 9, BAKER STREET, LONDON, W.l. THE IMMORTAL SALIENT. A complete Guide to the Battlefields of Ypres, with two maps. 5s. post free 5s. 4d. Compiled by Lieut.-General Sir William Pulteney, K.C.B etc., and Beatrix Brice. THE BATTLE BOOK OF YPRES. A history of notable deeds contributed by all regiments. 10s. 6d. post free us. Compiled by Beatrix Brice with the assistance of Lieut.-General Sir William Pulteney, K.C.B etc. BOOKS. Ill the Ypres Salient. By Lt.-Col. Beckles Willson. is. netpost free is. 2d. To the Vanguard. And Other Songs to the Seven Divisions. By Beatrix Brice. is. netpost free is. 2d. The City of Fear and Other Poems. By Gilbert Frankau. 3s. 6d. netpost free 3s. 8d. The Judgment of Valhalla. By Gilbert Frankau. 3s. 6d. post free 3s. 8d. Happy DaysIn France and Flanders. By Benedict Williamson. 7s. 6d. netpost free 7s. 8d. With the Machine Gnn Corps. By Arthur Russell. 6s. post free, 6s. 4d. With the Cornwall Territorials on the Western Front. By E. C. Matthews. 7s. 6d. post free 8s. Story of the 63rd Field Ambulance. By A. W. West- more, etc. Cloth, 5s., post free. Paper, 3s. 6d., post free. BOOKLETS OF POSTCARDS. Views of the Salient. North. Views of the Salient. South. Ypres Before and After. Ypres To-day. is. per bookletpost free is. 2d. YPRES LEAGUE TIES. 3s. 6d. each, post free. EMBROIDERED BADGES. 4s. each, post free. MAPS. The Ypres League Maps of the Salient. Prepared by Geographia, Ltd. Price 3s. post free 3s. 2d. PICTURES. Burning of the Cloth Hall, 1915. A Coloured Print, 14 in. by 12 in. is. post free. The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. By Bernard Gribble. 10s. 6d., post free. The Water Tower, Ypres, March, 1916. By Arthur Speight, is., post free. Hell Fire Corner Heavy Artillery Going Into Action before Passchen- daele, I Won't." Engravings 33 in. by 21 in. 1 us. 6d. each. ETCHINGS by Capt. G. E. Butler. Lille Gate, The Cloth Hall, and Polygon Wood. Size of each 10 in. by 1 ft. Mounted, 12s. 6d. each. BRITISH WAR CEMETERIES AND MEMORIALS SITUATED IN THE YPRES SALIENT. Photographs In Album Form. 8 in. by 7 in. Price free 2s. 3d. Photographs of Cemeteries in Booklet Form. Post card size. 4 Series. Price free is. 2d. Photographs of Memorials in Booklet Form. Post card size. 2 Series. Price is. post free is. 2d. Photographs of Menln Gate Unveiling. Size nin. by 7 in. is. 2d. each, post free. Hill 60. Complete Panorama Photograph. 12 in. by 3i in. Price 3s., post free. 15 in. by 5 in. Price 3s. 6d., post free. WAR-TIME PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE SALIENT. 6 in. by 8 in. is. 6d. each. 12 in. by 13 in. 4s. each. List forwarded on application. YPRES TIMES. The Journal may be obtained at the League Offices for 6d. post free 7d. Back Numbers is. 1926, 8d.1927, 6d. PHOTOGRAPHS OF WAR-TIME SKETCHES. Bedford House (Front View), 1916. Bedford House (Back View), 1916. Voormezeele Main Street, 1916. Voormezeele Crucifixion Gate, 1916. Langhof Chateau, 1916. Size 8$ in. by 6J in. Price 2s. 6d. each, post free. PHOTOGRAPHS OF REGIMENTAL MEMORIALS. 7th Division (Broodseinde). 2nd Worcesters (Gheluvelt). The Munsters (Ypres Cathedral). New Zealand (Gravenstafel). 177th Tunnelling Company (Railway Wood). Household Cavalry (Zandvoorde). New Zealand (Messines). Australian (Polygon Wood). Gloucesters (Clapham Junction). 19th Division (Oostaverne Wood). London Scottish (Messines). Queen Victoria Rifles (Hill 60). Size 6J in. by 4} in. Price is. each, post free. Printed for the Publishers by Gale Poldbn, Ltd., 2, Amen Garner, Paternoster Row, London, E.C.4.


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