Ypres British School. 9 THE YPRES TIMES SECOND REPORT. THE Second Term of the School commenced in September with a large increase in the number of children attending, 93 children (53 boys and 40 girls) this taxed the staff and accommodation to its utmost capacity, and it was with much regret that a further sixteen children had to be refused. We have at once undertaken the enlargement of some of the accessories of the School, but if funds admitted we would engage another qualified teacher and make arrangements for the education of the total number of children who desire to avail themselves of the School, namely 120. YPRES. BRITISH SCHOOL, Septr 1929 Progress. The work in the School has been very satisfactory and is well expressed in a letter to Lady Plumer from the Schoolmistress, Mrs. Morris, from which the following extracts are taken We are well satisfied by the progress shown by those who have had two terms in the School favourable opinions are expressed on all sidescertainly their English has grown apace and their improvement in general behaviour is almost unbelievable, and best of all, at last they have some idea of what is meant by a sense of honour.'


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