LONE TRI it) THE YPRES TIMES A POOL OF PEACE. STEPS TO ACQUIRE LONE On the eleventh anniversary of the signing of the Armistice, the R( Padre of Toe H, was able to announce that steps are well in hand to secure Lor as a Pool of Peace." Sir Charles Cheers Wakefield has undertaken to bei Crater, and thus securing it from commercial intrusion. It was originally ini St. Eloi, in the same district, but. it has been decided that Lone Tree Cra open, rising ground, is more suitable. We give a view of the Lone Tr Kemmel Hill and the Scherpenberg. Sir Charles Wakefield has also purchased the original Talbot House at it to Toe H. 1 Higher ground towards Neuve Eglise. Z Wulverghem Kemmel Road is visible here. 3 Flat country towards Bailleul. 4 Point on Mont Kemmel where Kemmel Windmill stood. 5 Position of Lindenhoek. 6 Kemmel Hill and Tower. 7 Buildings, probably at cr roads, on Kemmel—Vi straat Road. Store Fa in foreground. 8 Kemmel Church and villag


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