26 THE YPRES TIMES New members have come in steadily through out the year, but we would like all our repre sentatives at home and abroad to make bigger efforts in the New Year to swell the membership. 1930 is, as you are all aware, the tenth anniver sary of the Ypres League, and with your help we want to make it a record year in every department. Membership is the most important. If only every member of the League could enrol one relative or friend each year they would be doing a great service. A tabulated list of last year's pilgrimages were given in the October edition of The Ypres Times. This year a similar programme will be organized (see leaflet enclosed), with the exception of the usual Whitsuntide pilgrimages to the Somme, as past years have proved that travel to that battle-front is mostly individual. We are also looking forward to have the pleasure of arranging two tours for Regimental Associations to Ypres and Arras respectively, and in August, members of the Whaley Bridge Branch of the British Legion are making a tour of some of the battle-fields of France and Belgium under our auspices. Our free pilgrimage to Ypres will take place on the first Saturday in July, but our pil grimage funds are getting exhausted, and Mrs. Briggs, our staunch Corresponding Member for Broadstairs, organized a Lantern Lecture on October 30th, when a collection was made and the entire proceeds given in aid of the Ypres League Fund for defraying expenses of poor mothers and wives to the graves of their fallen sons and husbands. We are indeed most grateful to Mrs. Briggs, and we hope that other interested members will follow her generous example. An announcement of Capt. J. Wilkinson's Sheffield Branch activities will be found in Branch Notes. Messrs. C. H. Green and George Lawson are now registered as our joint Corre sponding Members for Queensland, Australia, and we are grateful for their immense interest in promoting the aims and objects of the League. Mr. George Lawson proposes to call on our representatives in other Australian States, and discuss with them their activities and possible linking-up the interests of the League throughout the Commonwealth. We are sure that Mr. Lawson will receive a hearty welcome from our Corresponding Members and will be granted every facility. We shall anxiously await the result of his mission. We are desirous to thank the London County Committee for their very excellent work through out the year, and many new members have been the outcome of their activities. They are determined to make this anniversary year a record, and we trust that all Branch Secretaries and Corresponding Members, as well as every individual member, will join them in achieving this aim. With renewed good wishes to you all for 1930. THE YPRES LEAGUE HEADQUARTERS AT YPRES. Members are cordially invited during their stay at Ypres to visit our Headquarters at No. 19, Rue Surmont de Volsberghe, where they will receive a hearty welcome from our repre sentative (Captain P. D. Parminter). WREATHS. Arrangements are made by the Ypres League to place wreaths for relatives on the graves of British soldiers situated in France and Belgium at the following times of the year EASTER, ARMISTICE DAY. CHRISTMAS. The wreaths may be composed of natural flowers, laurel or holly, and can be bought at the following prices12s. 6d., 15s. 6d., and 20s., according to the size and quality of the wreath. The above prices include placing on the grave and one unmounted photograph and negative, post card size, which will be sent to the relative, showing the wreath in position. For wreaths placed at the request of relatives on special dates, other than Easter, Armistice Day and Christmas, an extra charge will be necessary, according to the location of the grave. PHOTOGRAPHS OF WAR GRAVES. The Ypres League has made arrangements whereby it is able to supply photographs (nega tive, and one print, post card size, unmounted) of graves situated in the Ypres Salient, and in the Hazebrouck and Armentières areas, at the price of 10s. each. Prices for photographs taken in the Somme area may be obtained on application. All applications for photographs should be sent to the Secretary, together with remittance, giving the regimental particulars of the soldier, name of cemetery, and number of plot, row and grave. MODELS OF DEMARCATION STONE. Plaster models of the Demarcation Stone can be supplied from Head Office. All members are aware that 240 granite demarcation stones stretch from the Swiss border to the sea, marking the extreme line of advance of the German invasion. The model, which is 6 inches in height, may be used for a paperweight or as an ornament. Price 5s., post free, in United Kingdom. Applications to the Secretary, Ypres League.


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