THE YPRES TIMES STUART OSWALD, M.C.. 27 PROPOSED STATUE OF MARSHAL FOCH FOR LONDON. Sir, May we ask the hospitality of your columns to remind your readers of a letter which appeared in The Times of March 28th from Lord Askwith expressing his belief that the British race would desire to erect a statue of Marshal Foch in London. A Committee has conse quently been formed to organize the scheme. Such a statue would serve a double purpose. It would be a permanent memorial of the gratitude of our nation to the great Marshal of France and Field-Marshal of England who commanded the Allied Armies during the final stages of the war. And it would commemorate the century and more of peace between our countriesnever again to be broken, as we hope and believe. The Hon. Secretary is Mrs. Aubrey Le Blond, 87, Victoria Street, London, S.W.i, who will be happy to give any further information that may be desired. It is proposed tp erect a replica of the equestrian statue at Cassel by Georges Malissard, which he modelled from life. A site has been generously promised by the Duke of West minster on the triangular plot in Grosvenor Gardens, close to Victoria Station, where all arriving from France by the usual route would see the statue. When beautified by flower beds, etc., the position would be most attractive. The cost of the monument erected and completed would be about £5,000. Contributions should be sent to - Marshal Foch Memorial Fund," Messrs. Glyn, Mills Co., 67, Lombard Street, London, Ë.C.3. We are, etc., (Signed) Derby. (President of the United Associations of Great Britain and France). Hardinge of Penhursx. Crewe. Tyrrell. 7, Rue Porte-Paris, Amiens (Somme), FRANCE. (ypres league representative) Private Motor Cars. Moderate Rates. Cemeteries. Battlefields. General Tourinc. Photographs. Wreaths Placed. Ex-Service Driver-Guides. Telegrams "Stars, Amiens." Gold Coast Regt., R.W.A.F.F., Kumasi, Gold Coast, August 2nd, 1929. Sir, With reference to the article entitled The First Shot of The Great War," which appeared in The Ypres Times for July, 1929, I enclose herewith a copy of the 1928 Christmas card of the Gold Coast Regiment. From this you will see that, as far as the British Army is concerned, it is claimed that the first shot was fired in Togoland on August 6th, 1914, by R.S.M. Alhaji Grunshi, D.C.M., M.M., Gold Coast Regiment. Yours faithfully, W. M. Harrington, Captain and Quartermaster, Gold Coast Regiment, R.W.A.F.F. R.S.M. Alhaji Grunshi, D.C.M., M.M. The Gold Coast Regiment. The first soldier in the British Army to fire a shot in the Great War, August 6th, 1914. Capture of Togoland.


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