Branch Notes. 28 THE YPRES TIMES LORD FRENCH AT EDMONTON. Lord French, the seven-year-old son of the Countess of Ypres, who deputised for his mother on November 8th, opened a bazaar held in Bassishaw Hall, Bury Street, in aid of the funds of the Church of St. Michael, Edmonton. Lord French, speaking in firm tone and without a trace of nervousness, said he had much pleasure in declaring the bazaar open. He hoped they would go away with heaps and heaps of parcels and no money. Laughter and applause greeted the speech and the cheering was renewed when his Lordship received a box of chocolates at the hands of little Miss Barbara Turner.Weekly Herald. The Prince of Wales has sent a cheque towards the /6oo which Mrs. Margaret C. Russell, of 60, Oxford Road, Ealing, W., on behalf of the British Club at Ypres, is trying to raise to buy a sports ground for the British ex-Service men employed in the Salient cemeteries.DailyMail. YPRES LEAGUE TIE. The Ypres League Tie is on sale, price 3s. 6d., post free. The tie is made of good quality silk in a pretty shade of cornflower blue, relieved by a narrow gold stripe. The tie continues to prove very popular, and every member of the League should possess one. Applications to the Secretary, Ypres League, 9, Baker Street, London, W.i. LONDON COUNTY COMMITTEE. INFORMAL GATHERINGS. In reviewing the activities of the London County Committee during the past three months, we have to thank all members for the generous support they have given to enable the Committee to attain such satisfactory results. The suc cesses are due to the co-operation of members, many of whom give valuable time to the work of the League. Much success is also due to the fine spirit of comradeship amongst those who attend our meetings. The recent Informal Gatherings have shown record attendances. Many new friends have been found and old acquaintances renewed. The Secretary will be glad to receive, through members, the name and address of any of their friends wishing to attend the forthcoming Gatherings and to whom invitations will be sent. The excellent programme for the October Gathering was supplied by our friend Mrs. E. Heap, to whom we have been greatly indebted on many occasions for her valuable support. Mrs. Heap is always ready to do all she can for the welfare of the League, and we appreciate her efforts. At the November Gathering we had an impromptu programme which resulted in a very pleasant evening, and we feel most grateful to all those who gave their services. A record attendance greeted the Toe .H entertainers at our December Gathering. They gave us a splendid evening and we extend to them our sincere thanks. A Toe H evening always brings back happy recollections of the old Talbot House days and we hope to hear their entertainers again on some future occasion. The Informal Gatherings for the following three months will be held at the George Hotel, 213, Strand, W.C.2, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., and the programmes are as follows January 2nd A talk will be given by Com mander H. M. Denny, D.S.O., on Reduction of Armaments and Freedom of the Seas." February 6th Programme will be arranged by Mr. W. F. Taylor. March 6th Mr. E. P. Johnson has kindly taken charge of the pro gramme for the evening. We trust that every individual effort will be made by all interested to advertise our Gatherings and so ensure their continued success. The Committee would be very pleased to receive offers from any members who feel disposed to run a programme for us at either the April, May, or June Gatherings, and should this meet the eye of anyone interested kindly communicate with the Hon. Secretary, London County Committee, Ypres League, 9, Baker Street, W.i. In concluding these notes the Committee wish all their friends a very happy New Year and request two resolutions for 1930. Firstly, to bring a friend to the Gatherings and enrol that friend as a member. Secondly, we urge the strengthening of the Junior Division, and we trust that this matter will receive your earnest consideration. With unanimous support, the coming year promises to be one full of success.


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