THE YPRES TIMES 29 CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS PARTY. On Saturday, January nth, 1930, the Sixth Annual Children's Party will take place at Westminster City School, 55, Palace Street, Victoria Street, S.W.i. which has been kindly lent by the Governors of the School. The Hall is comfortably heated and we look forward to spending a very happy time there. The Reunion is open free to all members of the J unior Division to whom invitations have already been sent. A limited number of friends will be admitted at a charge of 6d. each. Those wishing to attend should apply for tickets not later than January 9th. The party will commence at 4 p.m. with tea, followed by a well-known ventriloquist enter tainer, Mr. Douglas Craggs. Last year 170 came, and we are hoping to see an increased attendance on January nth. To some this will be the only treat- enjoyed during the festive season, so we want friends to come forward as in past years to make this annual event a success. Letters have been received from those attend ing past reunions asking if they may have the opportunity of again being present, but this can only be done by the kind help of members and friends of the League. Some have made a col lection amongst their friends and sent us kind donations towards the expenses of the party. The Committee hopes that all will support this activity which has for its object the Promotion of the Junior Division greatly urged by our President, Field-Marshal Viscount Plumer. The feature of the evening will be the Christ mas Tree, and we appeal very urgently for gifts of toys or donations which will be very gratefully received by the Hon. Secretary, London County Committee, Ypres League, 9, Baker Street, W.i. The Committee ask that they may not appeal in vain, but that all will help in furthering the spirit of comradeship amongst the descendants of those who we never forget. DANCE. At the request of many members, The London County Committee have agreed to organize a dance for members and friends on Thursday, February 27th, 1930, at the Veterans' Club, 2, Hand Court, Holborn, W.C.I, at 7.30 p.m., and we hope that a large number will be present. The Committee have engaged the Vernon Dance Band for the occasion and tickets may be obtained, price is. 6d. each from the Hon. Secretary, London, County Committee, Ypres League, 9, Baker Street. Will members please book this date and be sure to give us their support, as we are anxious to make the evening a great success. An early application should be made for tickets. BROADSTAIRS. An unusually instructive and interesting lecture on the Ypres League," illustrated by many fine lantern slides, was given by Mrs. Briggs, of North Foreland House, at Bohemia, Broadstairs, on Wednesday evening, October 30th. About one hundred and fifty people were present, and the lecture was preceded by a selection of popular war-time songs played on the gramophone and piano. The speaker said the League, which was founded in '1920, was established to form a link between all those who had served in the Salient o f Ypres. Its motto was Lest we forget," and it had three main objects in viewcommemora tion, comradeship and help. The membership of the League was open to all who had fought at Ypres and to all whose relatives or friends died there. Their badge was that of a lion guarding a gate, representing the British Army defending the Salient, which was the gate to the Channel Ports, and they had chosen for their emblem a cornflower. For over an hour the audience was entertained by a wonderful selection of photographs of the shell-shattered chateaux and churches of Flanders as they appeared at various stages of the war. Most of these, the lecturer explained, had been rebuilt, and at the present day there were few traces left of the devastated buildings and fields which had been pitted with shell holes. She went on to describe the misery and sufferings of the Tommies in the mud and slime of the trenches, and illustrated the conditions with some remarkable photographs. One of the most important activities of the League," said the speaker, was to organize pilgrimages to the cemeteries and memorials for near relatives of the fallen. Over 500 poor mothers, wives, and next-of-kin had been assisted, and there remains sufficient funds to defray expenses of seventy deserving cases in 193° It costs on an average ^4 to take a pilgrim over from London, and £5 if they are brought from their own homes, which are sometimes as far away as Scotland. The speaker announced that she would place a wreath on the Broadstairs War Memorial on Ypres Day, October 31st. She was heartily applauded for her lecture, and a collection, taken during the interval, realised £5 5s. SHEFFIELD. The Branch held its Annual Wreath-laying Ceremony on Armistice Day at 11 a.m. at the York Lanes. Memorial in Weston Park. In spite of the shocking weather a large company of members and friends gathered together. The wreath was laid by Mr. L. Gumby, M.C. (Hon. Treasurer to the Branch). The inscription on the wreath read Laid to the Memory of our Comrades who fell in the Ypres Salient, 1914-1918, by the Sheffield and District Branch of The Ypres League." Many members have not as yet sent us a sub scription to the Wreath Fund. Any contribu tions to this end will be gratefully acknowledged. Will Branch members who would support us by attending a Reunion Dinner to be held in Sheffield early in the New Year, kindly com municate with Capt. J. Wilkinson, Holm- field," Bents Drive, Ecclesall, Sheffield.


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