THE YPRES TIMES 3 The Dean of Westminster, The Right Rev. W. Foxley-Norris, D.D., conducted a short service and gave the following address This is not a moment for many words, but it is my privilege to voice what is in many hearts to-day and to witness before God our undying memory to the faithfulness and courage which made this day for ever one of the decisive turning points in the history of Europe and indeed of the world. These days of commemoration have great and permanent value. For three thousand years the memory of the liberation of the people of Israel has been kept vivid and real by the simple expedient of annual commemorationWhat mean ye by this service is asked every year and the story is once more simply told, at the Feast of the Passover. Our Lord Himself has set His seal upon the value of this method, when He said Do this in remembrance of me So we owe a debt of gratitude to the Ypres League and to your Royal Highness for identifying yourself with it in this annual commemoration. Year by year we have this simple ceremony and remember that terrible battle area where the turning point of the war was reached where a quarter of a million men laid down their lives where our old army proved itself invincible, our new armies established their reputation and our Colonial troops proved their loyalty to the old country. We know not who it is whose body lies beneath this stone, but we know that he represents to many of us those whom we love and have lost, and in laying a wreath, here we renew our precious memories of them and mark again our undying thankfulness- to God who through their sacrifice has given us the victory. THE Seventh Annual Smoking Concert organized by the London County Committee was held at the Caxton Hall, Westminster, on October 24th, 1929, and again proved an enormous success. The attendance numbered 500. The chair was taken by Field-Marshal The Viscount Plumer and the Committee had great pleasure to welcome The Viscountess Plumer and Lady Monro. The Chairman was supported by General Sir Charles C. Monro, Bt. Colonel H. Nerincx, Military Attaché, Belgian Embassyand Major Gailliard, Assistant Military Attaché, French Embassy. A very excellent and amusing programme was arranged by The Roosters of the late 60th Division Concert Party. At the interval Lord Plumer called upon Major E. Montague Jones (Chairman of the London County Committee) to make his report. Major Montague Jones said it was his duty as Chairman of the London County Committee to give a short account of the activities of the League during the past year. Since we last met he said we have had no less than six pilgrimages to the battle fields and cemeteries of Belgium and France, and have been able to pay the entire expense of seventy poor pilgrimsmothers, widows, and next-of-kinof those who have fallen. We shall be able to take a similar number of pilgrims to Ypres next year with the balance of the fund that was collected on the appeal of Lord Plumer at the time of the opening of the Menin Gate, and the Ypres League Appeal Committee which was so well organized by Mrs. Edwards.


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