THE YPRES TIMES 5 We want money to maintain that school on a proper level so that these children shall be as well educated as any in this country, and that the men can feel the children are being looked after and ensure that the men in the British settlement of Ypres, where for four and a half years British men have shown what they were made of, will enable us to point to the settlement of Ypres as indicating the class of men British subjects are now and in the future. That is the task before us. What I envisage shortly is the amalgamation of the Ypres settlement and the Ypres League in order that they may do con structive work as well as the work they are now doing. But I assure you, as being responsible for the League and the settlement, we shall not ask you to undertake this amalgamation until we are quite satisfied that there shall be no financial liability for League members. Let me say how glad I am to meet you all here to-night. We have our motto, Lest we forget," and I hope and believe that all those who attend these gatherings year by year register inwardly a vow in which he or she says We will not forget." Sir Charles Monro then said a few suitable words, after which Lord Plumer presented the London County Committee Certificates to Mrs. E. W. Furner, Mrs. E. Heap and Mr. A. Copland in grateful recognition of loyal and devoted services to the League and its objects. At the conclusion of the programme the Chairman read the following telegram from His Majesty The King Field-Marshal Viscount Plumer, Ypres League Reunion, Caxton Hall, S.W. As Patron-in-Chief I have received with much pleasure your message from the members of the Ypres League assembled at your annual Reunion with yourself as their Chairman. I thank you all present for loyal assurances and wish you a very pleasant evening." George, R.I." All present then joined in singing God Save the King." OBITUARY. We were indeed shocked to learn of the sudden death of General Sir Charles Monro, Bt., whom we were so pleased to welcome at our annual Smoking Concert. He was a Life Member of the Ypres League and one of our Vice-Presidents. We wish to express our deepest sympathy with Lady Monro and members of the family in their great bereavement. JUNIOR DIVISION. In support of Field-Marshal Viscount Plumer's appeal in his speech at the Reunion Concert we are inserting a Membership Form in each copy of this edition of The Ypres Times, and we ask all our old members to enrol their children in the Junior Branch with the determination to carry on the work of the Ypres League for future generations. Additional forms can be supplied on application to the Secretary.


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