Air Fighting in The Great War. 6 THE YPRES TIMES BRITISH AND GERMAN CHAMPIONS. Second-Lieutenant W. B. Rhodes-Moorhouse. REPORTS came in from agents in April, 1915, that German troops were being concentrated at Ghent. To interrupt their movement to the Ypres salient, bombing attacks against railway stations and trains were organized. Second-Lieutenant W. B. RHODES-MOORHOUSE. The bombing of Courtrai was done by 2/Lieut. W. B. Rhodes-Moorhouse, of No. 2 Squadron, who dropped a ioolb. bomb on the line west of the station. He was told to use his discretion as to the height from which to bomb, and he came down to 300 feet, where he was met with rifle and machine-gun fire, particularly from the belfry of Courtrai church, almost on his level. After hitting his objective the pilot was wounded in the abdomen by a bullet; on his homeward journey he was again wounded in the thigh and in the hand, but he flew his aeroplane back to his own aerodrome at Merville, although there were nearer ones in his reach.


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